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Information for Healthcare Professionals

A tower of samples in a liquid nitrogen freezer

The Oxford Radcliffe Biobank's vision is to make research biobanking an integral and routine part of the provision of healthcare.

The structure provided by the ORB helps to streamline biobanking activities across the Strategic Partnership that is the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH FT) and provide clear guidelines and training for Professionals who are, or wish to be, involved in the collection and storage of human biosamples and data for research. The governance and management policies provided by the ORB ensure biosamples and data are collected, stored and allocated to research projects in accordance with the consent provisions and ethical and regulatory requirements.

Biosample donation along with the collection of associated data for use in biomedical research is given in the context of informed consent. The ORB provides a structure in which informed consent procedures for research biobanking are aligned with existing OUH NHS Foundation Trust systems.